Why You Should Invest in Diamonds



Diamond investment is an old form of investment. Collecting diamonds and precious jewels have long been practiced by the rich and royal. It is through diamonds that that honor, pride, wealth, and luxury are portrayed. From generation to generation, the largest gemstones in the world are owned by some of the most powerful people. The profitability of investing in diamonds has been proven through time. During the course of history, the value  of diamonds inflated from 150% to 200%.


Here are the top ten reasons why people invest in diamonds.


nature’s decay has not been affecting the value of diamonds. Millions of years ago, diamonds were  formed under the earth’s crust and is known as the oldest existing substance. Of all the substance on earth, diamond is considered the hardest. The quality and shine of diamonds are will not degrade through time compared to any other forms of diamantd’investissement. Stability and security has been diamonds main characteristics over a period of time.


Diamonds have been used as a basic form of payment. Owners of diamonds can liquidate their possession in any country.


Rapaport controls the universal pricing of diamonds which possesses a universal pricing. The price of diamonds across the world is universal.


It is hard to find diamonds which makes it more valuable than any other substance. Poor quality diamonds composed 80% of the total extracted substance. The jewelry made from diamonds composed only of the remaining 20%. De Beers recently said that they were not able to find any new diamond mines which can make the supply of diamonds run out for the next forty years. Diamonds have been a special part in any occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Diamonds also represents certain feelings of love, strength, power, and rarity. The value of diamonds yield high returns making it valuable for investors.


Diamonds provide security during times of recession and downfall of any financial institution. Diamonds maintain its value and is not directly affected by worldwide stocks and bond values. Insurance always goes hand in hand with owning a diamond. Many collectors see diamonds as a runaway money as if possessing cash at the same time.

People have always shown their adornment and appreciation to the beauty and value of diamonds.


Even  with low maintained, the value and beauty of diamonds will not depreciate making it an ideal investment. The increasing value of diamonds in the market is very easy to monitor.


Diamonds provide more room for new investors. The diamond industry only has small numbers of investirdans les diamants in it. Long term investment and personal collections are sometimes the motifs of diamond investors


There is no tax in diamonds and it is portable as well. Due  to its size, diamonds can easily be transported from one place to the other. Possession tax and capital gain tax will not be applied to owners of diamonds. Benefits of owning diamonds have always been a favorite among the rich and the famous making them collect more overtime.

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